Gomer's is an all-purpose seasoning. It's not just for BBQ, it works great on vegetables, potatoes and appetizers.It seems someone is always reporting a new use. 

Gomer's Seasoning was created by Mike and Peggy Ferrell of Santa Maria, CA in 1999. Growing up and living in Santa Maria, almost every get together or birthday involves a barbeque. We always had a special blended seasoning for the food we were serving. On one occasion when we were visiting relatives out  of town, we were asked to make sure we brought some of our "special" seasoning,  since we would be barbequing, so we printed and attached a silly label as a joke.

Soon we began making jars and gave them as gifts to friends and family with the label Gomer's "gooder'n shit" Bar-Bur-Q Seasoning . They were such a big hit, we decided to start selling them.

Realizing the humorous label may not appeal to everyone, we started selling the same seasoning as Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip BBQ Seasoning.

However......... for those of you who enjoy a good laugh and great taste we also sell the original label jars.

Many of our customers have told us of flavoring their Bloody Mary with Gomer's Seasoning.

Although Gomer's BBQ seasoning is favored as a beef Tri-Tip seasoning, it will enhance the flavor of any dish including any beef, pork, chicken or fish.

   Beef, Pork, Chicken and Fish

           Even Bloody Mary's

The "Quick & Easy" seasoning solution for just about any meal or snack!

​Gomer's is Gluten Free

and contains No MSG

       Vegetables and Other Uses