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Gomer's 8 ounce "Gooder'n Shit"

BBQ Seasoning

Gomer's 16 ounce

"Gooder'n Shit"

BBQ Seasoning

Before purchasing a jar with a personalized label, go to the contact us page and let us know what you want on the label. We will send you a proof for your approval


Personalized Label Seasoning 

16 oz. jar with combination sprinkle or spoon out lid.  

Gomer's 16 ounce

Santa Maria Style BBQ Seasoning

Gomer's Store      

email: mike@gomersbbq.com

Phone (805)714-2821

We can also personalize your label. See sample below.

We will use your wording (even your picture) in the same format as the label below.

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Gomer's 8 ounce

Santa Maria Style BBQ Seasoning


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For those with a daring sense of humor

   Gomer's "Original Label"

Same great tasting seasoning, however the

label may not be for everyone.


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